Service Level Agreement (SAL)

99.9 % SLA Guarantee (SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT) strives to have service availability, credits in the unlikely event that there is no service availability, One Host will credit the monthly service fee for the Service as tabulated below and as measured 24-hours a day in a calendar month, but to avail such downtime credits you must have paid the past invoices in due date. Only the hardware cost is taken into calculation of downtime credit. The software / control panel license fees, etc., should be paid in full. The highest credit not exceeding monthly service fee for the affected month:

VPS Availability - 95% to 99.5% = 15% of monthly bill value as downtime credit

VPS Availability - 90% to 94.9% = 35% of monthly bill value as downtime credit

VPS Availability - 89.9% or below = 100% monthly bill value as downtime credit

In order for you to receive a credit on your account, you are required to request such credit within seven (7) business days after you experienced no service availability. You must request credit by raising a ticket with the billing department through order portal. The ticket should contain the dates & times of unavailability of your VPS, support ticket ID's raised related to downtimes, etc.,. Downtime credits will usually be applied within 30 business days of your credit request.

Credits shall not be granted to you by in the event that you have no service availability as a consequence of

(i) Scheduled maintenance. (ii) Upgrades for your particular VPS. (iii) Service suspensions for AUP violations, overdue invoices, etc. (iv) Downtime caused by your software installations on your VPS. (v) Denial of Service attacks. (vi) Hardware failures. (vii) Any other errors on the client side.

NOTE : We reserve the right to issue credits or refunds on a case by case basis. Downtime caused by the client will never result in credits or refunds.